This is the last blog for my Psychology and Social Change class!  It’s been a fascinating class and I’m so glad that I elected to take it.  It truly has made a difference in the goals I have for my life.  This was also my last quarter of classes before beginning my dissertation.  It is a time of great transition and change. 

My dissertation topic is about how women perceive and experience subtle sexism in the workplace.  I’m looking forward to learning from the women that I interview.  The dissertation process itself will be an exciting journey.  Getting my PhD will open many doors for me – I just have to choose which door I want to open. 

Although I began blogging for the course I’m taking, I plan on continuing my blog.  I will post blogs as I see topics of interest.  I will share my perspective and hope that you will contribute by sharing your perspectives as well.  You will also see blog posts related to my dissertation topic as that progresses in the coming year.   

Like walking along the narrow cobble streets of Barcelona…the way is full of curiosities and wonder. 

Let the journey begin!